I’m sorry I don’t laugh at the right times.

Is this what it feels like with my wings clipped?

I’m awkward and nervous.”

Excited to see these guys tonight!

It’s not really a matter of feeling worthy of love, friends, health, or wealth. Or of appreciating what you already have. Or even of learning to love yourself. These don’t have to come first. You don’t have to wear a halo to manifest the changes you want.

It’s simply a matter of understanding that if you do your part: visualize, prepare the way, and act “as if,” without looking over your shoulder for quick results, what you want must be added unto you… as will the feelings of worthiness, appreciation and loving your most lovable self.

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Step outside your comfort zone.

Step outside your comfort zone.

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Latest fashion obsession: the cuffed boyfriend jean.

Song of the Day

That moment when someone hacks up their snot in the office…

The reality is a happily single person is just as happy as a happily married person. Focus on happy, not status. You’re too excellent to be worried about spending your life alone. Several men aren’t thinking about marriage, but there are several who are. That’s no concern of yours. Your concern should be you. I can’t stress enough that we pay attention to you when you pay attention to you. A woman’s greatest assets and attributes are revealed when she’s on her own journey of self-discovery. At your very best, you will attract the exact person intended for you. No gimmicks required. So sit back. Relax. Have some wine. Get to know you. Enjoy life and see what it brings. Good things are happening. Be a part of those things. Be fulfilled without a full calendar and your cell phone ringing. Eat out alone. Enjoy a movie by yourself. That’s how men find you…when you find you. It’s no wonder “me” comes before “men.” In order to secure the latter, you must secure the aforementioned.

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I have been preaching this from a very young age and still today, I will live and die by this.

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